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Data Controller

With this Cookie Policy We, President F.R.S. S.r.l., based in Via Santa Tecla 3 – 20122 Milan, Italy, P.IVA 08775250965, e-mail [email protected], Tel +39 031 398324, PEC [email protected], inform Users about the use of Cookies, beacon, tracker and other similar tools through our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are short text files that can be downloaded from the User’s web browser when accessing a website.

When Users enter the Website a second time, Cookies let us know if the User has previously accessed the Website, with which kind of device, which pages have been visited and which web pages the Users come from. Cookies are not stored in our servers but in the User’s computer and can be removed by changing browser settings.

Cookies can be used for different purposes. They allow us to obtain information on the number of Users who access the Website on a daily basis, from which different third-party websites users come from, which pages visited, and to improve the performance and loading of the Website. In this way, cookies improve the user experience, as well as the services we offer, following the needs of our customers.

Cookies may have different functions:

  • Technical Cookies: they carry out a technical function, provided that allow a User to interact with the Website, for example by suggesting login details, improving browsing speed and website use, and reminding previous logins;
  • Analytical Cookies: they allow our Website to collect information in aggregate form on the number of users, how they visit the website and which websites they come from in order to process general and anonymous statistics on the service and its use. These Cookies may be assimilated to Technical Cookies if the data is collected in aggregate and anonymous form;
  • Profiling Cookies: they allow the creation of user profiles related to consumers’ choices and preferences, expressed while browsing.

The use of profiling cookies requires the consent of the data subject. Any User can authorize or deny consent to the installation of cookies through the options provided in the section “How can I block the use of Cookies?“.

There are different types of Cookies, divided on the basis of the party who collect them; for example, First Party Cookies (when installed and managed by us) and Third-Party Cookies (when Cookies are installed and collected by a Third Party, an independent Data Collector). On this Website we also use Third-Party Cookies in order to provide various specific services for analyzing Website operations.

Cookies used in this website

We use Technical and Analytical Cookies to improve the browsing experience and properly manage the Website.

We also use third-party Profiling Cookies to improve the performance of our ads.

In particular, we use the following Cookies:

Cookie Type Third party cookie Lifespan Function Link to policy of third parties
PHPSESSID Technical Cookies NO Single Session Not permanent cookies generated by the PHP-based applications. It is an identifier used to maintain the user session variables
__cfduid Analytical (Assimilated to Technical Cookie) YES 5 Years Cookie used by CloudFlare service to verify the reliability of web traffic generated by users. Does not save any information that allow identify you. Cloudflare LINK
_ga Analytical (Assimilated to Technical Cookie) YES 2 Years Allows analysis of users visits to the website. Google Analytics LINK
_gat Analytical (Assimilated to Technical Cookie) YES 10 Minutes This cookie is used to distinguish between different monitoring objects created during the session. Google Analytics LINK
Google Doubleclick Profiling Cookie YES 30 days It allows to profile users visiting the website and target them with advertising campaigns. Gogole Doubleclick


Google Adwords Remarketing Profiling Cookie YES ??? Google Adwords Remarketing installs cookies to study and improve advertising, with remarketing actions, in order to display to the user advertising in line with its interests. Google Adwords Remarketing


devicePixelRatio Technical Cookie NO Single Session It allows you to set images settings depending on the device being used by the User.

Moreover, in case of Third-Party Cookies, we do not have full availability of the data collected, since it is collected and processed by a different Data Controller. In this case, please check the Privacy Policy specified in the link to the side of the table in order to identify the Data Collector and the actual collection methods.

In the case of Third-Party Cookies, we shall not be held liable, in any case, for any data processing methods that are incorrect or different from those provided for in the privacy statement.

When data processing carried out through Cookies can be considered accepted?

The use of Cookies is accepted by the User when, after the access to the website decides to continue browsing carrying out any operation contrary to the closing the home page or another Website page, or what is described in the following section: “How can I block the use of Cookies?

How can I block the use of Cookies?

There are several ways of blocking Cookies, and each User can block to their use, denying consent and deleting those already collected.

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) are configured to accept Cookies by default. Cookies can be disabled by changing the browser settings. Below are the links to the procedures indicated for the most popular web browsers:

You may also block the use of Cookies by selecting the anonymous browsing option on the Website, which is available in most web browsers.

Furthermore, Cookies can be blocked selectively. We suggest using the following tools:

  • Ghostery: A web browsers plug-in that allows you to select which Cookies to use for each website, so that all Users can disable them selectively;
  • Your Online Choices: A website that allows disabling of behavioural advertising;
  • Google Analytics: web browsers plug-in that allows Google Analytics to be disabled;

Consequences of disabling Cookies

Although the User is entitled to completely disable Cookies, this may result in malfunctions and/or errors while browsing the Website, thus preventing it from carrying out the necessary technical functions.

Other Third-Party Cookies

When browsing the Website, we reserve the right to use additional third-party Cookies, linked to third-party services that may be implemented on the website.

In particular, we reserve the right to use the following services:

If these services are used by us, we shall not be responsible, in any way, for the processing of data carried out such services, since they are exclusively used to share contents from our Website and not to collect data. Data collection is carried out by another independent Data Collector, which is specified in the privacy statement and/or otherwise directly linked to the service used.

If different content sharing and/or embedding tools are used by our Website or by Users, please check the privacy policy of the service linked to the content or that of the sharing service.

Reference to the Website Privacy Policy

For all matters not here mentioned, reference is made to our Privacy Policy, as well as Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and the provision of the Italian privacy guarantor dated 8 May 2014.

Third-Party websites

Third-Party websites that can be accessed through the Website are not covered by this privacy statement, therefore we may not be responsible, in any case, for any data processing made by such parties.

Contact Details

In order to exercise rights in accordance with Art. 7 Italian Legislative Decree no 196/2003, please contact us at the following addresses:

President F.R.S. S.r.l.
Via Santa Tecla 3
20122 Milan

P.IVA 08775250965
Tel +39 031 398324